Popular Science in Times of Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust scientists and science explainers into the public eye. Although we may think of their presence in the media as something new, popularization has in fact been part of science since there has been science. Today’s scientists who go on talk shows, record podcasts, or fight

Preliminary findings of the German Emigrants Overseas Online Survey – What did we learn about the Germans we reached through social networking sites?

In another GESIS blog post, Steffen Pötzschke and Bernd Weiß have provide some information on their recent survey that used Facebook and Instagram to reach Germans abroad. In this text we present preliminary findings on the characteristics of the participants and see how they fared during the COVID-19 pandemic. In

Interaction and Infection

Simulating non-pharmaceutical inventions against the spread of a viral disease from a social science perspective. The spreading of viruses depends not only on its biological properties or the availability of effective pharmaceutical remedies but also on human behaviour. Since there are currently no pharmaceutical measures available against CoVID-19, much of