Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine – Erste deskriptive Ergebnisse einer Onlinebefragung in Deutschland und Polen

Vor dem Hintergrund der russischen Invasion der Ukraine und der durch sie verursachten Fluchtbewegung hat GESIS in der zweiten Aprilhälfte 2022 eine Web-Befragung ukrainischer Flüchtlinge in Deutschland und Polen durchgeführt. Die Rekrutierung der Befragten erfolgte durch Werbeanzeigen auf Facebook und Instagram. Against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The German Federal Election 2021 Twitter Dataset

The German Federal Election of 2021 will be the most digitalized ever: In times of Covid-19, a younger electorate and omnipresence of user generated content, social media has become an important tool and arena for politics. While collecting data from Twitter’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is simple, it is difficult

Popular Science in Times of Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust scientists and science explainers into the public eye. Although we may think of their presence in the media as something new, popularization has in fact been part of science since there has been science. Today’s scientists who go on talk shows, record podcasts, or fight

Black board and pencils

Wealth stratification in the early school career in Germany

Parents’ social background predicts their children’s educational achievement, thus reproducing social inequality between generations. This finding is internationally well-known and a constant cause for public and academic discussion. But which aspects of parental social background are relevant in this context? So far, research has identified parents’ education, occupation and income