How do you sleep? – Discovering the Interdependence between Sleep, Knowledge, and Technology

Scientific knowledge about sleep is anything but unequivocal. This ambiguity poses problems and uncertainties for sleep medicine and individuals in their everyday lives. How to examine how knowledge about sleep acquires legitimacy, validity, and ultimately certainty? Technological developments to measure sleep significantly contribute to our social understanding of sleep, such

ChatGPT: A tutor for data analysis?

ChatGPT is an interesting new tool to support data analysis in the social sciences. It can be used to get suggestions for data analysis methods and for writing code. In this post, I summarize my experience in using ChatGPT to conduct a simple analysis of turnout with the ESS 2018.

Data Spotlight #1

As dedicated data curators, we’re excited to showcase curated data collections that will hopefully ignite your research interests. Today we present you: Surveys by the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government The topics represented in the surveys of the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government (Bundespresseamt;